Swaddle cloth 70 x 70 cm - with name

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Swaddle diaper cloth personalized
with the name of your baby
70 x 70 cm
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Hydrophilic nappy cloth with the name of your baby

Content: 1 hydrophilic cloth with name (packed as a gift)

These multifunctional hydrophilic diapers absorb a lot of moisture and are indispensable for the care of your baby. You can use them for:

- spit cloth

- towel

- comfort cloth

- swaddle

- as a bib

- change

- protection against the sun and rain

- you can actually use them for everything

A great birthgift!

Washing instructions: They are easy to carry everywhere and you can wash them at 60 ° degrees. Only not in the dryer for the life of the print.

Made of 100% cotton.